Letter to Nell Pilgrim 1 Oct 1916


Oct 1st 1916

My Dear Nell,

A few lines to let you know I am quite well. I received your welcome letter yesterday.

Pleased to know my letter got through alright. Was not sure weather you would get it or not.  I expect you will see a few of the Fus in Egypt soon.  There were a good few wounded & are in hospital in England.

Bartrup got his discharge from Army being under age.  He was 17 ½.  I think he was jolly lucky as he has missed the extra “hit” which we have been in.

I expect it was a bit of a sight to see the Zepps on fire. We don’t get such a luxury here.  In fact we never see a Zepp at all.  We see an aeroplane being shelled now & again but I have not seen one brought down yet.  The only thing we have seen like it was when our aeroplanes set 5 enemy observation balloons on fire.

Next line of text Blue Pencilled. We don’t know how long we shall be there but there are rumours that when we come out we shift back further from the line & leave starts.

Can you send me Bert’s address again. I have lost it & want to write to him.

No more “news” now.  Please remember me to your Mother & Father.  With fondest love & Kisses from

Your loving





With Envelope to

Miss E. Pilgrim,

161 Abbey Rd




Stamped Field Post Office. B 5 OC 16. Noted “Edge Hill”

Censor 2276 Signed G.L. Benjamin


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