Fred Hammond letter 1 Oct 19816

On Active Service With the British Expeditionary Force YMCA headed notepaper



Dear M & P

Glad to receive your letter and hear you have been having a change I hope it has done you all good.  So Miss Sewell has turned out rather mysterious.  Well I do hope something comes of the Hallam affair.  In any case I hope you don’t suffer.  Well I met Jim Hopkinson a few days ago and had several walks with him he wished to be remembered to you all.  You can tell his people that he is merry & bright.  I eventually gave him my bed which I was sorry to leave.  We are now training again there is a fine chateau here but cannot say it is the best of places we have struck.  Still the weather is great for the time of the year and some of the boys are bivouacking out amidst the trees.  There is very little more to say beyond I am in the pink here.  We run a football team and I even donned our colours on the other day wearing the thistle.  I looked like a Scotch International weight thrower.  I wouldn’t mind having some vermin powder sent out as it comes in very useful at times.  How’s Geo going on?  Had a letter some time ago suppose I shall soon have a new auntie at my time of life too don’t think I could work special leave on that score although it certainly deserves it.  Well Cheerho for present


Give them my best.

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