Alf Smith letter 6 Oct 1916

Pte. A. Smith

No 27521

St Andrews Hospital



Oct 6th 16


Dear Father


Many thanks for your letter, & paper.  I was very pleased to hear from you

& to know that you are well.

It must have been a grand sight to see that airship in flames. I had a letter from Ethel she said that you were asleep at the time.  They seem very sharp in the north of London to bring down two I guess they will think twice before they come over that way again.

I am pleased to say I am much better in fact feeling alright although still in bed am getting rather tired of it but still I am not doing any grumbling it is a treat to be in good old England instead of on the other side of the water.

I expect you received that postcard I don’t know exactly what it said but it is nothing only an official idea that everybody has to send.

I had a letter from Ciss this morning & was very surprised to hear that she was leaving Farnham. I expect you know that Charlie has left again I should think she would be better off without him.

Well I think I have come to the end of the news at present there is not very much to tell you.

I hope you will have a good time at Southend remember me to Mr & Mrs Jones I received their letter & will answer it very soon.

I guess you will be pleased to hear that Albert is exempt from the army.

I hope you are all well


With much love

From your devoted



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