Second March table 21 July 1916

Date.               Unit.                            From.               Relieves.                      Position.          Time *             Remarks


Night               32nd Batty. RFA          Billets              Vacant position           G.8.a.3.0.                    Via BEUVRY – SAILLY LA BOURSE

22/23rd            (complete)                   BETHUNE     C/70 Bty.                                                        – VERMELLES.

– BEUVRY road.

33rd Bty. RFA            ditto               B/70 Bty (1 Sectn)      G.8.a.4.7.                                            ditto                                                                (2 Sections)                                         and 2 vacant pits.


36th Bty. RFA           ditto                B/71 (1 Sectn)             L.6.a.8.4.                                 Via BEUVRY – SAILLY LA                                          (2 Sections)                                        A/71 (1      “    )            L.6.A.4.8.                                BOURSE – FOSSE No 9



55th Bty. RFA           ditto                D/71 (1 Sectn)             G.1.b.4.7.                                            ditto                                                                (1 Section)


“O” Bty. RHA                      ditto                C/73 (1 Sectn)             F.30.a.9.6.                               Via BEUVRY – cross roads F.29.b                                  (2 Sections)                                         and 2 vacant                                                                (ANNEQUIN)



D/5 Bty. 5 Bde.          ditto              D/77 (1 sectn.)                        F.30.c.3.6.                               As for 36th Battery

(1 Section)


“Z” Bty. RHA                        Billets              C/185 Bty.                  F.30.a.8.8.                               As for “O” battery R.H.A.                                               (1Section)                    LES QUESNOY (1 section)


1st Bty. RFA               ditto               C/181                          F.24.c.7.8.                               Via BEUVRY – cross roads F.22.c. –                               (1Section)                                                                                                                                Road junction F.23.d.2.7.



3rd Batty. RFA                        ditto              C/72 (1 sectn)              F.24.a.5.4.                               As for 1st Battery.                                                 (1 sections)

5th Bty. RFA              ditto              C/70 (1 sectn)              F.24.a.4.8.                               As for 1st Bty.                                                                 (1 section)                                           B/77 (1    “    )                                                             Via BEUVRY – ANNEQUIN –

57th Bty. RFA             ditto              D/181 (1 Sectn)           A.20.c.4.6.                              CAMBRIN.

(1 section)



Night 23/24th   Complete reliefs as for Night 22nd/23rd.



* Not to arrive at Gun Positions before 9.30 p.m.


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