Letter to S. Springett 21 July 1916

Tabors Cottages,



21st July 1916


Dear Sid,

Just a few lines in answer to your letter.  Glad to no (sic) you are well, as we are all very well at present.  We received your club money quite safe, thanking you very much for sending it.  We had a letter from Walter this morning, he said he was quite al-right.  He said he expected they would be shifting up to-wards the fighting line, before very long, we all wish he was not out there.  Thursday we heard of some very bad news Will Jeffory died from fever, he was out in the Persian Gulf.  The two Givilums, George is wounded and Alfred as(sic) gone stone deff(sic).  Joe Ring is laying very ill from wounds.  They granted her a free ticket to go and see him in Scotland.  Bert Maynard is wounded in the head, that is Mrs Taylor’s brother down at the farm.  We got this news about Thursday dinner time, it made us feel as if we did not want our dinner.  Tell dad and Ted the news.  Mother is sending you the letter she had this morning from Walter.

We are having summer weather now.  Edie & I have found it a bit warm to-day, we have been over to Fly Shot fruit picking.  This is all this time.  Write soon.

Winnie sends you a kiss she will write soon.

I remain

Your loving sister



Please send the letter back which we are sending you.




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