March table 21 July 1916

Date.               Unit.                From.               To.                               Starting                       Starting time   ROUTE

Point                            from S.P.


Night               Div. Ammun.  NOUVEAU    FOUQUEREUIL       Billets                          7.30 p.m.         BELLE CROIX – PONT REQUEULN

21/22               Column           MONDE         (H.6.½)                                                                                    – cross roads at STA ¾ W. of FOSSE –

JULY                                                                                                                                                              LOCON – BETHUNE –                                                                                                                                                                                       FOUQUEREUIL.


do       RIGHT GROUP       Battery            LE QUESNOY          Road junction             9.45 p.m.         PONT RIQUEULN – Cross roads at                           33rd Bde R.F.A.       positions          BETHUNE                  R.10.a.2.8.                                                STA ¾ W. of FOSSE – LOCON –

plus “O” Bty           RUE                   (I.6)                         (Sheet 36A 1/20,000)                          BETHUNE – LE QUESNOY.


Bty Hows.                                          road


do        LEFT GROUP         Battery            LE QUESNOY                        Road junction             10.15 p.m.       As for RIGHT GROUP to BETHUNE –             45th Bde. R.F.A.        positions          FOUQUIERES          G.32.b.1.4.                                                thence FOUQUIERES.

plus “Z” Bty R.H.A. RUE                LEZ BETHUNE         (Sheet 36B 1/20,000)

BACQUEROT     (H.6¾)








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