SECRET                                                                                                         Copy No 9





21st  July 1916

Reference Map BELGIUM 1/100,000 HAZEBROUCK sheet,

except where stated.


  1. The 15th Division is to be withdrawn from the line.
  2. The 8th Divisional Artillery will rejoin the 1st Corps, relieving the present 8th Divisional Artillery Group and the Left Group 15th Division Artillery.
  3. The 8th Division Artillery will be withdrawn from the XIth Corps on night of 21st/22nd JULY and march to billets in LE QUESNOY, FOUQUIERES and     FOUQUEREUIL, in accordance with attached Time Table.
  4. The Division Artillery will march by Groups under the orders of the Senior Officer present –


RIGHT GROUP 33rd Brigade R.F.A. plus ”O” Battery, R.H.A. and D/5 Bty                                                                                             Hows. 5th Bde R.H.A.

LEFT GROUP.  45th Brigade R.F.A. plus ”Z” Battery R.H.A.

  1. Group Commanders will arrange the withdrawal of batteries from positions to Starting Points.  The  withdrawal to commence as follows:-

RIGHT GROUP 8.30 p.m.

LEFT GROUP 9.15 p.m.

  1. Echelons will march full.
  2. Ammunition. Dump ammunition will be dealt with in accordance with       instructions already issued.
  3. Separate special instructions dealing with Artillery Reliefs will be issued.
  4. Supplies. Refilling Point for 22nd JULY will be at BETHUNE.  Map reference      will be notified later by wire.
  5. All moves will be reported to this office.


Issued at 12.15 p.m.



C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divnl. Arty.


Copies 5/33/45 Bdes

8th Div,

61st Div.

61st D.A.

8 D.A.C.







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