8th D.A. Instructions No 6. 21 July 1916

8th D.A. Instructions No 6.








New Division  1.  8th Division “HOHENZOLLERN” and “CUINCHY” Sections.



Position         2. (a). The battery positions and Group H.Q. of the present LEFT available for               Group, 15th Division Artillery.

relieving             (b). The Group covering the present 8th Divisional front, will be batteries and              taken over complete by LEFT Group, 8th Division

Groups H.Q.


O.P’s               3. Any battery taking over a new position may take over the O.P. at                             present belonging to that position.


Method and    4. Battery reliefs will take place by Sections on Night of 22nd/23rd and Date of Relief       23rd/24th July.

Passing of             Group and Battery H.Q. will take over Command on the second Command.         night.

D.A., H.Q. will become responsible for their new frontage from the                       time of completion of reliefs in the second night.


Telephone        5.  All telephone lines used by Groups and batteries whose positions lines                    are to be taken over will be left down, and plans of circuits will be                    handed over to incoming units.


Guns.               6.  15th Divisional Batteries will take away their own guns.

In all other cases, guns will be exchanged.

Gun History sheets will be handed over with the guns.


Ammunition. 7.  (a) The 15th Divisional Artillery will withdraw with their ammunition echelons full.

Any ammunition then remaining at their guns will be handed over to incoming batteries, receipts being given and taken.

(b) In all other cases the existing dumps at the guns will be taken over by the incoming units, the necessary adjustments being made between Divisions.

(c) 8th D.A.C. will issue to 15th D.A. batteries and to batteries of 8th Divisional Group R.A. from night of 22/23rd JULY, inclusive.


Div. Ammun 8.          The 8th D.A.C. will take over from the 15th D.A.C. on 22nd Column and Battery     JULY, but the following place is available for a Section if

Wagon lines.               desired:- E.18.b.7.2.


Battery Wagon lines.  Those of present 8th Div. Group R.A. and LEFT Group 15th D.A. are available.

Moves of               9.  Columns of vehicles will move as follows:-

Vehicles.               (a) From WEST to EAST – by daylight.

(b) From EAST to WEST – by darkness.

(c) Column of not more than 4 vehicles at a distance of half a mile between columns may move N. or S. by daylight, but larger columns will move N. or S. by darkness.


Sights and             10.  (a) Batteries will retain their own Gun sights.

Gun Stores.           (b)  Any battery which has indents now in at Ordnance for stores for guns, which are being left in position, will so inform Ordnance Officer concerned, and will tell him to what battery, Division etc., the guns are being handed over.  A copy of the letter with copies of indents will be sent to the D.A. taking over the guns.


Handing over        11.  All units on relief, will hand over to incoming units, all

of information       registration books, O.P. Log books, Lists of O.P’s.  Arcs of view

Maps, etc.              and O.P. exchanges, photos and panoramas, tracings of arcs of fire, local maps (see below) and orders, schemes of retaliation, fire concentration, mutual support, reinforcing, reserve lines and R.A. defence scheme; all other information respecting the enemy and the front which will be of assistance to incoming units.

Maps to be handed over:-

  • Scale 1/20,000 Sheets 36 B.  E.

36 B.  S.E.

36 C.  N.W.

36 C.  S.W.

  • All 1/10,000 Brigade Trench Maps on charge.


Trench Mortars 12. Divisions will retain their own Trench Mortar Batteries, and will relieve the Medium Trench Mortar Batteries on fronts which are being taken over by Sections on Nights of 22/23rd and 23/24th JULY.

Any “sound and settled” beds in positions which are for relief will be left down and the consequent necessary transfer of beds will be arranged between Divisions.





C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divnl Arty.




Copies to:-       5/33/45 Bdes





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