Agenda for Conference. 8th June 1916

Agenda for Conference.

8th June 1916


Z Division 6 ** per OW


  1. Brief description of situation as it stands at present.


  1. Grouping of Batteries.


Distribution of 9th Div Art batteries.


  1. Battery Positions.


Work to be completed without delay.

9th Div Art positions to be commenced, distribution of these.

Site for 1 single gun required.


  1. Observation Stations.

Extent of work completed.

Sites and distribution of O.P.s 9th Div Art O.P.s.

Gauze for O.P. slits.


  1. Communications.

(a) Between Groups & batteries

(b) Between Batteries & O.P.s

(c) Between O.P.s & front line

(d) Plans for lines forward from front line.

(e) * Visual Signalling within Groups, and from points in captured German trenches. * Discs i daily bombardment from present O.P. ii


  1. Liaison Officers.

Not to be confounded with F.O.O.

One detailed to go with Bde H.Q. in case the latter moves.

One detailed with each attacking batteryalion H.Q. headquarters i.e. 3 pre Group.  Duty:- Liaison not observation.


  1. F.O.O.s.

How many to go forward per Group? To be fully acquainted with position of forward terminals of Artillery trench wires.  Party to consist of 1 F.O.O., 2 Telephonists, 2 Linesmen, 3 Signallers with lamp, and 3 orderlies.  To carry 1 mile of D3 and 1* mile of D1.  Wire etc to be stored close to forward terminal previous to assault. * is 1 mile enough?


  1. Wire Cutting.


Discuss attached schemes for wire cutting.


  1. Bombardment to Support Assault.

Lifts. Nature of ammunition, whether advisable to fire H.E. only for last few seconds before lifts.

Lane fronts allotted to batteries. Simplify.

Barrages to stop counter attacks. When should forward batteries open fire?  Barrages should objective be attained.

Registration with aeroplane of Caterpillar Wood battery valley.

Difficulty of observation from new lines.


  1. Preparation for possible Advance.

Each Group to reconnoitre two forward positions:- Batteries to be held in readiness to advance to be detailed. Roads to forward positions to be reconnoitered and bridges prepared.

Suitable advance sites for Wagon lines to be reconnoitered. Possibility of Group H.Q. having to move forward at a later period to be considered. E.g. Left at Carnoy exchange.

Possible sites for batteries on POMMIERS Ridge to be considered.


  1. Points brought forward at last Conference.

Ammunition Recesses.

Preparation for 4 days supply of water and food.

Accommodation for increase of personnel at batteries to allow for reliefs and replacement of casualties.

Spare parts for guns. Triggers party plates & springs stakes etc.

Bde Armament Artificer to be in central position.

Group dressing stations.

Reserve of sandbags for batteries moving forward.

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