18 D.A. Movement Order 8 June 1916

Date                Unit                             From                                        To                    Starting time                                       Remarks


Night               5th Bty. R.F.A.                        HENENCOURT WOOD       W.6.c.3.9.        8.0 p.m.

13th                  (2 Sections)


14th                  3rd Bty. R.F.A.                                    ditto                            W.11.b.7.4.     8.0 p.m.

(2 Sections)


D/5 Bty Hows.                        ditto                            W.24.a.3.7.      8.20 p.m.


15th                  1st Bty R.F.A.                         ditto                            W.11.b.6.1.     8.0 p.m.

(2 Sections)


“Z” Bty. R.H.A.                     ditto                            W.12.c.3.2.      8.20 p.m.

(2 Sections)


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