18 DA 7 June 1916

SECRET                                                                                                         A.B. 20/17


82nd Brigade

83rd Brigade

84th Brigade



  1. Herewith tracing showing forward lines which it is proposed to lay from observation stations to front line, consisting of four pairs for each group.


  1. The object of these lines is twofold:-

(a). For purposes of forward observation during wire cutting.

(b). To form advanced telephone terminals from which lines would be run in the event of an advance.


  1. Suitable observation posts for front line wire, and ground visible from them are also shown on tracing.


  1. The front terminals are situated at the advanced Battalion Headquarters, and consequently will be available for use of Liaison Officers during assault.


  1. Group Commanders should decide which of their main observation stations they wish connected with forward lines respectively.  Decisions arrived at to be communicated to O.C. Signals, 18th Div through Group Signalling Officer.



(Sd.) A.F. Brooke

Capt., R.A.

Brigade Major, 18th Div. Artillery



O.C. Signals,

18th Division.


For your information

A.F. Brooke

Capt R.A.

Brigade Major 18th Div Artillery.





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