Memo 18 DA 7 June 1916



151 Artillery


Reference para. 18 of the Scheme.


151st Brigade will not go forward as a Brigade but probably by Sections or single batteries.


These sections or batteries will act on their own keeping in close touch with the Infantry.


Communication should also be gained as soon as possible with Group H.Q.s






7-6-1916                                                                                                                         Brigade Major 30th Divisional Artillery






18th Division NoZ.85



53rd Infantry Brigade

54th Infantry Brigade

55th Infantry Brigade

Royal Artillery


The following definition of “Zero time” and with a notes regarding artillery “lifts” are is forwarded for your information.


  1. Zero time to be at the hour named, by which time our Infantry is to be in an irregular line, lying down within 60 yards of Bosch wire.


  1. All previously announced hours for “lifts” are liable to alteration before the day and all ranks must be quick to learn new times.





June 8th 1916                                                                                       Lieut-Colonel.

Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division.

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