18th Division 8 June 1916

18th Division Z.86



18th Division



Reference telephone conversation last night, the following are the lifts for

  1. Heavy Artillery and
  2. Divisional Artillery.as at present proposed.
  1. Heavy Artillery Lifts. (see Map attached).Lift off dotted blue line on map at                             0.5
  2. Lift off POMMIERS trench at                                      0.17
  3. Lift off front and support trenches at                          0
  4. Divisional Artillery Lifts Lift off BRESLAU Support, BUND SupportLift off BACK Trench at                                           0.15POMMIERS Trench, BUCKET Trench at                    0.20 Intermediate lifts as required to be arranged between Infantry Brigade Commanders and Officers Comdg their respective Artillery Groups.A. Byant         Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division
  5. June 8th 1916                                                                                              Lieut. Colonel
  6. Lift off POMMIERS Redoubt at                                  1.0
  7. Lift off TRAIN Alley, The Loop,
  8. and BUND Trench at                                                 0.10.
  9. Lift off front and support trenches at                        0

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