C 236 Battery Standing Orders for Sentries Horse Lines.

Standing Orders for Sentries Horse Lines.



  1. He will take over from N.C.O. i/c.
  2. When taking over he will check the number of horses and see that each horse is properly secured.
  3. He will patrol the lines during his tour of duty, and will not converse with anyone or allow anything to distract his attention from the horses.
  4. Should a horse break loose or a casualty occur in the lines he will turn out the Picquet.
  5. After “Hay up” he will remove hay nets.
  6. He will challenge anyone approaching lines between dusk and dawn.Here the note ends. On the reverse: –
  7. Standing Orders for N.C.O in charge of Guard & Picquet C Battery 236 Brigade Royal Field Artillery signature unreadable. 1914 -1919

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