C/236 Royal Field Artillery N.C.O. in Charge Guard.

C/236 Royal Field Artillery  N.C.O. in Charge Guard.

On one side.



Gun Park.


  1. On mounting he will check number of vehicles.
  2. He will be held responsible for gun park and everything on gun park.
  • He will know the extent of his beat and parade his beat in a smart and soldier-like manner.
  1. He will not quit his post or sit or lie down without orders, or let his rifle out of his hand.
  2. He will challenge anyone approaching his post between dusk and dawn.
  3. In the event of hostile shelling bombing he will give the alarm.





* In the event of gas or gas shelling by day or night, the Trumpeter will sound five “G”s.


* This is a standing Battery order.


** Ayers


for o/c

C/236 R.F.A.



On the same side as the title: –



The white ring of the national markings of British night flying planes (Handley Page F.F. 2b’s &night flying Camels) will be eliminated leaving only the red & blue markings. Fly by day & well as by night.


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