Alf Smith’s letter 8 Feb 16.

152 High Street

Southend on Sea


Feb 8. 16


Dear Father


Sorry you could not come down last week, but we are looking forward to seeing you this.

How do you like this weather it is very cold here I shall be very glad when the summer comes.

There is a book at home called “Guy Fawkes” I should be glad of it if you can find it without much trouble. It is a red covered book, farely thick I am almost certain it is on the shelf in the spare-room.  I also told Affie I believe you have a new table cloth at home; of course I may be wrong I cannot remember for certain; but if you have & do not require it at all she would be very pleased with it.

I have not joined the army yet, but it looks as though there will be a big move made after 3rd March.  What do you think about it all?  I am not anxious to become a soldier, but still it is no use to trouble about that; if compulsion comes into force one must make the best of it as plenty of others will have to do.

I am very sorry to have to trouble you; but I am very short of money almost on the rocks.  I brought a suit from a friend for 30/- cost 55/-.  Albert has lent me the money.  I did not like having it as I could not afford to pay for it, but as he said one does not get the chance of bargains like that every day.  I am also badly in want of socks & a few other small articles.

You will no doubt think this letter is nothing else but asking for things.  I would not trouble you if I could possibly avoid it, but everything seems pretty rotten at present.

Well Father I think I must conclude now.

Glad to say we are all well & hope you are keeping in the best of health.


With much love from

From your devoted




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