Letter to Hammond’s from Canada 4 Feb 16

Feb 4th 1916

  1. 9 Avenue

Swift Current



Dear Mary

I received your letter after a long while waiting.  We are having some dreadful cold weather.  I should say the soldiers must feel it in the trenches it must be awful I shall be glad when the war is over.  What does Fred & George say about the war.  I suppose they have seen some awful sights.  Well I hope that they will keep in good health through it all.  How are you keeping.  I have had nothing but colds all winter.  You know I told you in one of my letters Arthur did not like baking so we are out of it.  He has sold the oven.  He sold it for 100 and 50 dollars.  He said he would pay me the money I put in but he as only give me 1 pound so far and we have been out of the baking about 8 months.  I can tell you he will never have anything of mine again and I never had any wages all the time you know while we were baking.  We brought a cow and chickens & lots of things which would take a long time to write about and I am in a hurry to write to you but you don’t write much.  His Dave at Sarah yet I thought of writing to him.  I am in a situation.  I want to buy myself some clothes and, am awfully in the want of a new wig and it all takes money.

I am thinking of sending to England for one.

Write soon from your affectionate sister


Love from myself and George


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