Fred Hammond letter 9 Feb 16.


Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to let you know I am OK.  We have settled down again to business after a good rest.  We have hit on a good place this time the office having a good room.  We are billeted in houses here and sleep in a bed of a nights.  I can tell you we take some getting up now.  When we do get up there is a nice cup of coffee awaiting us oh what a change.  I met Billy Garner out here about a week ago he said he was expecting to be going home any day so he might drop in and have a word with you of course he’s the same as ever.  You want to divide what he tells you by 4 and take the remainder for your answer.

The weather has been pretty decent it’s nice to see the sunshine.  I was quite surprised to know Gladys was 18 my word how time flys.  I must be getting an old un.  I have had so many letters to answer this last few weeks that I don’t really know who I’ve written to but I fancy I dropped a pc lately.  I was very pleased to hear of Gladys success I am very pleased indeed to think we’ve got such a clever kid in the family.  We are quite amongst civilization here and had a couple of eggs & chips for dinner finishing up with the ever present coffee quite nice to be able to get ones old chips but I am already beginning to feel bloated again.  I am OK for flash light refills at present.  Tell Mar glad to hear you are all OK I am.  One of our men went on leave yesterday Gladys might hear from him.

We heard about the Zepps alright & I am inclined to believe what you said when the weather gets settled & the wind in their favour but at least we shan’t be taken unawares.  So I think there’s very little to be afraid of.  Well Bye Bye for present.  Drop me a line Gladys if you get that birthday present OK.  Hope it suits you




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