F Hammond letter 27 Jan 16


Dear F & M

Just a line to let you know I am in the pink.  Sorry I have not dropped you a line every week but things have been much the same as being at home nothing exciting happening.  We have had Divnl football competitions, boxing contests and sports of all kinds including marathon races needless to say I did try the marathon.  We have also had concerts 2 or 3 times a week in a big YMCA Tent just below us.

I had a look in there the other night Kennerley Rumford’s Troupe giving the concert.  Unfortunately Kennerley was indisposed but nevertheless it was worth going to.  We have had a very good time indeed and we feel a little sorry to be leave the place which we are expecting to leave ere this gets in your hands.  Still I believe we are going into decent billets from what one can hear so that’s something we can’t have anything much worse than the time before we were in action so we are not at all upset.  Well I don’t think there’s anything particular to relate.  Sorry to hear Mar’s not so well but hope she will be better by now.  Hope all at home keep smiling and that you will remember me to all enquiring friends.  Have so much kit now I don’t know how to move it however I shall endeavour to wrangle some of it on the mules.

Well Bye Bye for present.

Love to all Burgie.


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