G G Hammond letter 31 Jan 16




My Dear Gladys

I was delighted to hear of your success now all you have to do is to pull the two scholarships off, it would be a huge honour.

I am a bit fed up at present as I am working up a lot of old drills &c and have not much news, except that Boon is getting married when his course finishes.  He is a silly fool but he may be sued for breach of promise before long from what I hear.

The girl at Preston is very ill or has been through the shock and her father wrote to Pa Boon telling him all about it.  It seems Boon had told them his mother hated him & he hated her.  Affleck mentioned this in his letter & I don’t think his father is over pleased.

They have now written to me asking for Lilian’s address but as they have removed I told them I did not know it and that I wanted to have nothing more to do with it.  I have not yet heard from the Golden Hen so far this week but Tuesday is usually the time.  Elsie will be pleased to hear of your success.

Well I have no more news at present, write soon

Love to all



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