G G Hammond letter 26 Jan 16




My Dear Gladys

Cheer oh!  Jolly glad to receive your letter.  I am most anxious to hear that you have passed your exam and are well on the way for the scholarship.  You must get it.

Had a letter from Willie yesterday.  He seems to be getting along alright.  Says you enjoyed yourself.  Their board have not released the men in the first four groups so it does not look as though he will be called upon.

Glad to hear that the photo is alright.  You had better have it framed for me and I will let you have the money.  I think I told you I had paid Beaty’s so my banking account does not look so healthy as it did.

We have received a number of Derby recruits and I have bought a revolver, Webley £3.6.2.  it is a fine little thing.  I have not received it yet.  Let me know what you would like for your birthday up to 10/-, can’t afford more at present as I have not quite recovered from the Christmas excitement.  Did I tell you AB was overdrawn 7-10-0£ at the bank.  He returned the quid I lent him alright after I wrote rather a rotten letter.

I have been on a course of Physical Drill & bayonet fighting.  Pass alright.  Am very busy at present have been playing rugby today & feel awfully stiff.  Hope you enjoy yourself on Friday.  By the way the captain who was to bring the recruits down came back with Uncle Tom to London he says he was pumping him to find out what kind of a lad I was.  The report I believe was quite favourable.

Well no more at present

Write earlier next week

Fondest love


Have sent powder to Fred.  When are you going to have your photo taken?  G



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