Letter to Wil from F Hammond 9 Jul 15

Green envelope FPO 28 9Jy 15  to E. Hammond 9 Countess St Stockport.

62210 RE Sigs

28th Bde

9th Scot Div

  1. 7. 15


Dear Will

I received your letter and parcel OK yday.  I am fixed up now for a few days as they sent me some tobacco from home the same time.  I also had a parcel & letter from 212 Vic Rd.  so if we have a quick move or get shelled out of here I shall want Peter Wright of prude ass fame.  Our Divn is now in working order.  We form part of the 1st Army Corps.  I am at Brigade HQ at present abt 2 or 3 miles from first line of trenches.  There is plenty of noise at times.  We have had a few shells near in fact a fellow standing near me picked a piece of hot shell up.  Some of the lads are in the trenches & have to keep their heads well down.  So you see I am pretty near to it now of course mums the word at home.  Mar sent me one of her cakes I never liked cake much at home but one appreciates it here.  Some of the boys brought in some broad beans today so had what one might call a bean feast.  I had a letter from Geo a day or to ago.  I hope he gets his Com.  There is nothing much to report as we are strictly forbidden to saying much.  It is rather a change to be lulled to sleep by the noise of the guns and hear them whistling through the

air.  I heard of Gladys success at tennis also her offer for Crewe but I think anr yr at school would be best at present seeing that the house is so quiet now a days.  What say you?  I am not having a bad time at all here and I hope to see a bit of excitement before long.  Well old sport remember me to all enquiring friends.  Will drop you a line soon.  Your old Golf Teacher.  you don’t need to shout 4

Burgy here 11 11



Note on Signals form:


This is a note from the fellow I mentioned in my letter Eh


On reverse:


Dear Mrs Hammond

I have just had a taste of your cake from Fred.  I must say your cake making does you great credit.  It was OK

Yours etc S Reading


P.S. I am getting more like Fred every day.  Will send you 5 Francs but not this week of our Lord.

By one whos’ had some.

Your cake plenty nice.

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