Letter to Jack from F Hammond 16 Jul 15

Green envelope FPO 28 to No 3142 Pte GG Hammond 2/7 Bat Mchr Regt “D” Coy 15 Platoon Crowborough Sussex.

62210 RE Sigs

HQ 28th Inf Bde

9th Scott Divn

16 July 1915

Good morning Prince you seem sad do you ever hear from old Kemp


Dear Jack

Glad to receive your letter the other day.  You seem to have been at all sorts of jobs.  I suppose they put you on G.M.P. because you are teetotal eh!  I wish I could have got one of those jobs.  I also hear you made good use of the position as I had a letter from Hilda the other day and she said you seemed to watch a particular hotel there.  Well I hope you did make the most of it Jack.  Yes their seems to have been some hot work in the Dardenelles.  One of the lads from our office has been killed out there and another wounded.  I am pleased to hear of the good work done there lately and hope that before long the allies will have more favourable positions as I can tell you it must be awful to face the present day artillery without good cover.  I see the Germans have finished their game in S. Africa & that the Konisberg has been accounted for.  What do you think of your Leyton cousins rather lively lot when Par is away eh.  I had a parcel from them the other day also a parcel from Mar with a big cake in it.  However its life was very short and sweet.  While I am writing this I am wondering where you really are and what you are.  Anyway drop me a line to let me know what your destination is.  I shall feel rather funny if I have to start saluting you and saying Sir but wait until its all over and I put my cold feet on you again.  I am at the Bde HQ as you see and our Boys are in the trenches.  We have not lost any of our (the telegraph) men up to now but some of them have had some near squeaks.  Two had to be dug out of their dugouts yday.  The only thing we get up here is shrapnel.  You can hear the bounders whistling thro the air and so give you time to expect them.  Further down the trenches they get W.B. Whiz Bangs.  They don’t let you know until you are amongst them.  We are not doing bad for grub.  It’s usually stew and potatoes, jam & bread altho a change goes well.  I had some pineapple & cream given me for tea & felt like a Staff Captain.  There are plenty of shells etc to be picked up but nobody bothers with them after the 1st day, only too glad they’ve missed you.  It is rather a fine sight to see them firing at aeroplanes.  I sleep in a loft on a stone floor.  Had a rat in my emergency ration bag last night.  He’d eaten one of my biscuits so he must have been hungry.  Well remember me to Hilda and tell her I’ll drop her a line soon.  Also drop me a card to say where you are.

Yours Burgy


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