F Hammond letter 19 Jul 15

62210 RE Sigs

HQ 28th I Brigade

9th Sco Div

19 7 15


(I tried darning a pair of socks yday made a nice bunch of it.)


Dear Mar & Pa

I got a letter from Gladys the other day in it she asked if I had received my cake.  I sent you a letter about a week ago saying I received the parcel etc.  I don’t know whether it landed to you.  We are at a big farmhouse and very comfortable.  There was a small encounter the other night it was just like being at Belle Vue.  They send lights up at night which light the country up for miles round.  I am at the Headqrs of the Brigade.  The only thing we get is the noise of the big guns occasionally.  I heard from Will today and he told me that Geo had an offer but that they required about £50 per annum.  Well if it is possible I am willing to let him have £1 per month if that would be any use.  I don’t suppose they require £50 in war time but it’s only to make it appear difficult to obtain.  I know plenty of men who have got commissions who never possessed that sum without working for it.  I think with Geo’s education, profession & experience in the army he is quite fit to take it on.  Of course there will be expense at first but I think that could be met.  Well you might let Geo know what I think.  Oh Bye the way when I left for overseas I sent a big kit bag home with several things in it did you ever get it.  Glad to hear of Gladys medal for tennis.  I expect to see Gold Cups etc in the house when I come up.  So Arthur B is a ***** for the time being I suppose he’s walking up and down the road like a retired Knut.  So Turk is a legal dog now.  I did my washing today and suppose it will be about dry now.  What is the matter with the Welsh Miners?  There’s always something the matter with some section.  I hope the Govt skated it over until apre la Guerre.  The flies are a nuisance out here.  I am still in the pink of course.  We are very quiet and live like country farmers.  Of course we have always got the section wits to console us.  Well I think it is all this time.  Hope Gladys passes her exam & Geo gets fixed up also that all are well.

Love to all  Gus.


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