F Hammond letter 8 Jul 15

62210 RE Sigs

9th Divn

HQ 28th Bde



Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to let you know I am still OK.  I recd your letter yday and today recd your lovely parcel all complete.  I had a quarter of it for tea today and gave a pal of mine some & he said he wished Mar a long life to make such cakes.  It’s quite a change from what we usually get.  Sometimes we have a little bread & butter other times jam and if the bread is scarce we resort to biscuits which require plenty of digesting.  We have moved again and are pretty busy this time.  We have just had an aeroplane over.  Glad to hear Gladys helped to uphold the honour of the S H S also glad to hear of her fortunate offers.  Hope she does the right thing.  I think she would be as well at home at present.  Pa was talking about War Loan.  I quite agree to the suggestion if it can be done unless Geo wants some of it.  Has he heard anything definite yet?  I had a letter from Will at the same time as you also some gaspers.  I am well fixed up now for a few days.  Glad to hear Turk is learning to write in this country you see a couple of dogs in a shaft with a couple of men riding behind.  They also have them on a tread mill.  The dog is as diagram.  The poor beggar keeps walking but he is always in the same place as the wheel goes round.  I saw one dog do about 16 hours at it the other day.  Well I think this is all at present.

Love to all  Fred

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