F Hammond letter 4 Jul 15

62210 RE

4 Section Sigs

HQ 28th Bde

9th Div

4 7 15

I received your cake I don’t think Gladys


Dear Mar & Pa

I received Gladys little parcel which just came at the right time.  I am still alive and kicking.  We have moved again twice since last I sent a letter but I don’t suppose we shall shift again as I don’t think you will hear from me for about 10 days at least by letter.

I could do with a good washerwoman and a darner at times but manage to knock along alright.  We had 3 taubes over us yday and can see the star lights which they fire up at night which look very pretty.  We can also hear the machine guns & rifles too sometimes.  The flies out here are a perfect nuisance great swarms all over the place.  I am in the best of health only for fly and nat bites.

I had a letter from Geo & Will the other day.  I see they have made Geo into a Glorified Copper.  When are we going to have these shells Lloyd Geo speaks so much about and an army of aeroplanes eh.  They seem to be taking a census I see.  I am quite comfortable here.  Remember me to any enquiring friend.  What about taking up a war loan.  If Geo gets his Com you can do as you think fit with my overplus.  I suppose I shall be finding Gladys with her hair up and a big dog in the passage.  Glad to hear you are all well.  When are you going on holidays this year?  Will it be Blackpool?  I suppose you will be having Uncle Will up there before long.  Going for a swim in the canal after tea so Bye Bye  Fred


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