H.M.S. “ALBION” Report of Grounding 24 May 15


24th May 1915




I regret to have to report that “ALBION” grounded on 23rd May.


The circumstances were as follows:

Enemy submarines had been reported in the vicinity on the previous day, and all Ships ordered to remain under way.  “ALBION’s” duty was to cover the right flank of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

RIBBLE was under “ALBION’s” orders.


It was a moonlight night, and I did not wish to run backwards and forwards on the same course, or to approach the outer patrols, whose positions I did not know, or to go too far off the Australian right flank.


I therefore selected two positions, one W.b.N 2 miles from Gaba Tepe, the other S.70.W  3 ½ miles from Gaba Tepe, and had the Ship steamed about between them.


I stationed RIBBLE on a line E ½ S from C. Kephalo patrolling.  The circumstances attending the loss of the  “GOLIATH” influenced me in wishing to have no small craft near.


Courses were not recorded, but logged as requisite.


At 2.45 the Ship was well clear of the land, but at 3.45 a.m. through some error of judgement which I cannot explain, the Ship grounded off Gaba Tepe.  The information required by Art: 984 of K.R. & A.I. is attached together with an account of subsequent proceedings.


I have the honour to be,


Your obedient Servant





The Admiral Superintendent, Malta

The Vice Admiral Commanding,

Eastern Mediterranean Squadron,

The Senior Naval Officer, Gaba Tepe,

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