F Hammond letter 28 May 15

Landed France 9th May 1915

With cover to Mr E. Hammond, 9 Countess St., Stockport, Angleterre

FPO 28 Dated 29 My 15

Passed by censor No 1623 cachet M. Maxwell


62210 RE

4 Section 28th Bde

9th Scottish Div

Somewhere in F…

28 Mai 15

Dear Ma and Pa

I received your welcome letter OK yesterday.  I am still in the same village as I was last time I wrote.  The weather has picked up the last few days in fact yesterday was a scorcher.

I am on night work which is quite like old times.  We are billeted in an old mill and I sleep in the loft so have to climb the golden stairs.  The natives here can speak English pretty well in fact the babies know as much English as French so you will see plenty of English soldiers have passed this way.  We heard about the sad accident near Carlisle and also that Italy have at last thrown in their lot against the baby killers.

If you saw some of the destruction and heard the way the natives were treated when the Germans were here I think every workingman would only be too willing to do his little bit.  Some of the people having nothing to eat or drink for days.  The enemy seem to employ any means to stop our advance but I hope before long they will be played at their own game.  The chief drink in a morning is coffee which is sipped out of little china? bowls.  They are also very fond of salads but there seems to be a few things missing in it such as eggs etc.  Altho it is very appetising this time of the year.  I also saw them making chip potatoes or pommes de fritz as Gladys would call them.  You must not think I looked the last term up in the very handy book which Gladys sent me and which I greatly treasure but came out quite naturally altho I believe I haven’t spelt it correctly.  I received the cigarettes which Will sent me and am just trying one while I write this.  The first few days we landed I had to resort to the French matches which are a curse to civilisation.  You might buy a box of French matches and if you manage to get a light out of the whole box you cannot grumble.  However we have been supplied with some matches by the army we also have about 25 cigarettes per week given to us or a qr pound of tobacco which I consider is very good.

I got a letter from Geo today also I thought he would find a change when he left Southport where I think they kept them to long.  It was with surprise I heard of A. Boon’s Comn.  I don’t see why Jack shouldn’t have a try for one.  I think I will now conclude as I want to drop Geo a line.  Glad to hear you are all well and that things are going on OK.  I am in the best of health.  So good night or Bon Soir


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