F Hammond letter 19 May 15

No 62210 RE

9th Sig Co

28th Bde

9th Scottish Div



19th Mai 1915

Just got Gladys letter  Fred


Dear Mar & Pa

I think the above address will find me alright.

We are billeted in a little village within hearing of the big guns which have been powndering away.  I suppose since the German retreat from the Aisne.  The weather out here is very wet and inclined to be chilly still altho I have done a bit of marching I am in good fettle.  We went off rather hurriedly otherwise I would have written you and as we have been moving from place to place since arriving here I had no chance to write.  I don’t know what to say even now as this letter has to be censored and no mention of places or anything to do with army matters is allowed there is really very little to say.  I am learning French very slowly and wish I had got a little French book with the English pronounciation.

We stayed at a farm house at one village for 2 days.  Slept in the barn and had nice new laid eggs & fresh milk which reminds one of Cheshire.  What has become of Geo is he still at Southport?

When we crossed over Allcock and I had a prominent position on the bridge all night which was quite exciting and as dawn broke we found ourselves just outside one of the loveliest & largest port in N. France.  There are many traces of the Germans having been here.  Some of the buildings being riddled with bullet marks.

We rode for nearly two days in a cattle truck which was supposed to hold 40 hommes but we were not so bad as that.  I got a nice New Testament from Aunt Martha but I think it will soon get spoilt out here.  The only thing I miss here is there are no washing days.  If we want a wash we go to the village pump.  Well I think this is all at present.  Hoping you are all in the pink.  Remember me to all enquiring friends


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