G G Hammond letter May 15

3142 P/e G.G. Hammond

2/7 Bat Mc/r Regt

D Compy 15 Platoon



Dear Father & Mother

As you will see from the above address we are now at Crowborough.  We left S.port at 4am. and arrived here at 4 pm.  There was quite a lot of tears shed in S.port when we left and the parting at Mrs Spencer’s & Mrs Brother’s were rather painful.  We are billeted in huts here and there are 70 men in our hut so we are packed like sardines.

I am only writing this short letter so you will know where we are but I want to ask Dad an important question.  Arthur Born has got a commission and expects to be home again in about a fortnight now.  I am going to apply for one at the end of this week if Pa is still willing to pay for the equipment.  Of course he will have the money refunded in due course by the government.

Perhaps it will not be necessary for him to pay anything at all as Arthur says your equipment is brought by the Battalion funds and then refunded as soon as the government grant is made to you.

I think it is quite possible to live on your pay as Arthur intends to do, but in case any money was required do you think you could provide me with a little perhaps Willis could.  I want to know as soon as possible so that I can go on with this business.

It is simply awful in this hut and we have had no food yet except army rations.  Bully beef & biscuits.  I will send one of the biscuits on in a day or so.  I fully intend applying for this commission as Arthur has got one and we are going to try to get together.  Do try to do your best, I don’t mean only with regard to the equipment but also with regard to a little allowance.  Shall I write to Willis and see if he could do anything, I shall have to conclude now.

Love George

Write soon

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