G G Hammond letter 13 Dec 14

Prvt GG Hammond 3142

7th Bat Mc/r Reg

65 Hoghton St




Dear Father Mother etc,

How are you getting on?  I think some one might write-Can’t Gladys write for a change.  Has Fred gone yet?   I am having a fine time but have got a bad cough.  My photo has come out very well.  I am enclosing one of each for you.  I was vaccinated on Friday & my arm is just beginning to itch.  I hope I shall not have a bad time, some chaps here are going about with their arms in a sling.  It was not at all painful, but I was kept busy looking after a chap who had fainted.  When he had come round I went out and was surprised to see two chaps carrying a limp body out, who was it but Arthur.  I immediately went to his rescue, he had a very bad faint.  I don’t know how he will go on when he sees dead bodies flying about.  I want Ma to send me a nice big cake and sent it on as soon as possible.  I want one like she makes for us at home.  A few mince pies etc will also be relished.  We went to the church parade again this morning.  The minister is very decent.  I had a letter from Willie the other day.  He enclosed a £1 note.  When I drew my screw on Friday I only got 3/6 so I presume that Ma has filled that form in & that she will be drawing the remains of my screw.  If so I want it sent on at once as I do not want to break into this £1 note, if I can possibly help it.  I have only a 1/- or two apart from this note.  I wrote to Kemp the other day I received the mittens from Lilian yesterday, they are not much use as they have no palms or fingers, so you might knit me another pair.  I am going to write to Smith sometime today.  Have you heard any thing from the Donohues!  We are each supposed to have a hot bath once a week, it is a farce.  The Sergeant has the key to the bathroom so that the warm water will not be drawn off, as I did not think there would be much chance of a bath here.  I went to the public baths there was a queue about 6 yards long, & the are about 3 baths.  I came away from there & went back to the digs, managed to get the key.  Instead of getting a hot bath the water was only just aired.  We are not doing any trenching but are getting experts at extended order drill by signs.  It is very interesting.  There is a lot of talk about being off at Christmas or New Year but it is only a rumour.  I have torn that old shirt up that I came in & use it for cleaning my buttons.  It was fine to feel nice & clean with a decent pair of socks on.  I have had a rotten blister on one toe & have not been able to wear my army boots yet.  We had an inspection of the whole battalion the other day by some Brigadier General.  It was very fine.  We are now finished here at3-30 or 3-15 instead of 4-30 as before.  The time hangs a little.  I see that there are free classes at night school for soldiers.  Among the classes are Chemistry & Botany.  I have been thinking of attending then only do not want to be tied down to attending them.  If you ever join you have to attend regularly.

It is just dinner time so shall have to knock off.  I am enclosing a photo of one of the four pals (Ashman a decent sort of fellow.  I will just go and see if Arthur has one to spare.  Got it here.  George.  Write soon & don’t forget cake & money.

The chap who has been taken ¾ sat down is Simpson.  The other as human was taken like myself.


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