G G Hammond letter 8 Dec 14

P/e G.G. Hammond

3142 2nd 7th Bat Mc/r Regt

3 Balls Place




I am changing my billet tomorrow I think.  Address my letters to this address until I let you know to the contrary.


Dear Father & Mother,

I received your letter this morning I am surprised to hear that Fred has been playing the old soldier.  He seems to have paid his fooling rather early.  At last I have been on a night march, the one I mentioned in my last letter. I was awful, the rain poured down from the commencement.  We started marching along the sands at 7 o’clock and the transport followed in our rear.  We were marching in the last file so the mud was fairly thick for us to walk through.  We marched most of the way in a river about 3” deep in water so you will quick understand what condition the mens’ feet were in.  One or two halts were called & if you could find a dry spot you sat down & rested.  We were not allowed to smoke or sing as the march was to be carried out under military conditions.  The transport had to turn back as the cart kept getting fast in the sands.  We reached Formby about 10 o’clock & had to wait in the pouring rain till nearly 11 o’clock.  The journey home was very tiring & we did not reach the parade ground until 2-30.  I was in bed by 3.15 & had to parade the following morning at 11 o’clock.  I am writing this letter with the fountain pen that Pa Kemp has sent me.  It is a Blackbird like Gladys’s, I have not broken it in yet as you will see from the writing.  I am applying for a pass home for Saturday I might get it but it is very uncertain.  I wrote to Gladys Grimshaw the other day & had a reply a parcel arrived from them today containing to pairs of socks-very nice ones-bye the bye how is Ma getting on with that pair she was making.  We have been doing a lot of rifle drill lately & our OC told us we should all have rifles next week.

I heard from Hammond’s the other day, all the girls sent me a photograph.  I have not replied yet.  I wrote to Fred the other day.  I shall not be able to let you know whether I am coming home for certain as we do not know until Saturday morning so expect me when you see me.  I was crimed this morning for being late on parade one day.  I was let off, not being a particular pal of our corporal, I expect some extra drill.

You will be surprised to hear that I am going to have dancing lessons, I think I shall go for the first time on Thursday.  We have had the name of the Battalion changed to the 2nd 7th Mc as you will see from the address.  We shall now be able to move irrespective of the old Battalion which is in Egypt.  I was up at Spencer’s yesterday.  It is very nice to be able to spend an evening somewhere.  I am just getting over an awful cold & cough I caught on the night march.  I used Pa’s old remedy, linseed etc.  The weather here has been very changeable- a lot of men have been on the sick parade.  I shall have to knock off now as I have promised to go to out at 6.15. Hoping I shall see you on Saturday.

Love George

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