G G Hammond letter 24 Jan 15

P/e G.G. Hammond 3142

D Compy 1st Res 7th Mc/r Bat

3 Balls Place




Dear Father & Mother,

I received the cigarettes alright & shall give them to Arthur today.  I have just come of the church parade, it is a glorious morning.  I was inoculated on Wednesday morning about 11 o’clock so our 48 hours did not expire until yesterday morning, this is only the 2nd parade I have done this week, it is a gentleman’s life.  You will see that I am now in D Company as there are only 4 platoons in a company A & F companies were joined together.  The old men in A company have been separated amongst the F compy men so I have managed to get with Burgess.  We have our old officer who is very decent but the NCOs are rotten, men with no more service in than myself acting as corporals &c.  They are all out of F company, still we are getting along very nicely.  I look an awful nut in my riding breeches.  You might send that writing pad along with the envelopes P.C. & my photographs.

I have got a fine billet.  Just 3 of us in one house, it did not look very inviting from outside but it is quite a palace.  I have a large double bed to myself, dressing table with drawers in it, we have the front room upstairs & downstairs.  Ashman & myself sleep (together) in the same room & Lance Corporal Crossley has a room to himself.  We had eggs & bacon for breakfast this morning.  I was up at Mrs Protheroe’s last night & I am going to Spencer’s to dinner & then we are going to Preston in the car.  I don’t see much of Boon now he is in a different coy & our billets are not near together.  We have a fine time in our billet.  The 6th Mc/r’s were billeted here before us & their picket never came down our entry so we thought ours would not.  However last night we went & sat in the kitchen & put the light out in the front room, we were sat down having a cup of coffee (we have a cup of coffee at night now) when the corporal who had been to report all in came rushing in & told us to get in the pantry.  Off we dashed, I had one shoe & one puttee on & Ashman had his stockings off.  We were called out in about 5 mins, it seems that one silly fool a little higher up had been sat in the front room with the light full on, the picket came down & caught him, Crossley rushed down to our billet & warned us in time.  I don’t think he would have caught us because our light was out in the front.  They have just been in & taken our belts off us & several chaps were told to get their hair cut the other day.  We paraded with our kit bags so they could see if they were marked correctly, & I heard we were going to the south of England in a few weeks, another rumour.  My inoculation now is quite better.  I have not written to Fred yet, but will do soon.  I don’t know is you are aware that Harding the tobacconist sells some very nice Turkish cigarettes of his own make at ** per oz.  I have nearly got rid of the 13/8 I had over the ££ with having to buy these knickers & as I don’t want to break into the 2£ I shall be delighted to receive the present next week.  How is Ma getting on I suppose she is getting quite giddy or is she still very poorly.  Tell Gladys to let me know when she gets the results, I am glad she has got a nice pair of gloves.  We had a big inspection on (Monday) Tuesday by Sir Reg Pole Carew one of the military nuts he said he was delighted with our appearance.  We have started to do more work now it is about time.  I have not started with night classes yet as it will not be worth while if we get a move.  Did you see me fall when I was running for the car on Monday night I slipped as I was running round the corner & my kit bag flew about a mile away, when I got there the car was going the other way.  I caught a train at 7-10 which was really due out at 10 to seven, but it was late so I had bags of time.  All the men who were in the same billet as myself are billeted in this road so we still keep together.  I shall have to draw to a close in a minute as I have to get my swank togs on to dash off to Spencers.

There is only one drawback to this billet there is no bath so we have to go to the public baths & we have to wait an awful time.  Burgess is a bit down in the mouth today, he was invited to go to Preston 8 the army wants him to do a guard so he will be looking after prisoners until 9-30 tomorrow morning.  I have started to sign my photographs (don’t forget those things I left there in a hurry I think).  Yours till hell freezes.  It is how all the 7th sign their photographs.

Well I must knock off now

With love George

Had a letter from Aunt Martha Ann, shall reply in a day or so.  G


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