F Hammond letter 9 Jun 15

62210 RE


Attached 28th Inf Bde HQ

9th Scottish Div

June 9th 1915

Dear M & P

I got Gladys parcel yesterday for which many thanks.  The matches are quite unique.  I suppose you are all back again now and that Gladys is at school again.  We are having good weather now.  I did not see Asquith when he was over as we are a few miles from there.

However Fd Marshall Sir J French inspected us about a week ago.  He is quite a stiff built man and grey.  He looks very well.  We have moved from the place I wrote from last and are now at a farm house.  We have been sleeping out lately.  There are some Indian Cavalry in the village here.

We paid them a visit the other day and they gave us some of their grub which they called chuppatti.  It was like an oatcake and they put ghee on it which is clarified butter.  One of our lads tried their curry and he thought he had swallowed the cruet.  Fancy Bert Sheldon donning that uniform on.  Geo seems to have struck a rough lot.  I think he would have done better had he not rushed into it as he always does.  I hope he finds something better.

I think it is a wise thing in the making Ld (Lloyd) Geo the minr (minister) for munitions.  There is no doubt about it the High Explosives are very essential.  It is about time that we should be properly supplied with everything.  Of course we are.  Really wonderfully equipped but we can’t have too much artillery.

Well the post is due now and I think I am wondering a bit so Bye Bye for present.

Hoping you are all well


Is Turk a real Turk or has he any fight in him?

Just smoking one of those fat cigs.

I feel like a Staff Captain




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