F Hammond letter 18 June 15

On embossed Government notepaper

62210 RE


Attached 28th Bde

9th Scott Div

18 June 1915

Dear Mar & Pa

I received Gladys letter of the 14th OK.  We have moved again from the place I wrote last.  I don’t think we shall move much more.  We are a few miles behind the firing line.  We are in a very small village and even pumps are unknown.  There is a sort of brook runs along the road where the natives fetch their drinking water, wash their utensils etc in it.  I have not tasted water for a week or should I say practically since I landed in France without it being boiled first.  I have been working night again from 12 md to 8am.  We sleep in the fields which we prefer to the barns however I slept in a haystack the last 3 days.  Several of us go down to the La Basse Canal for a swim every day which is quite refreshing.  I can make them understand what I want as far as food and drink is concerned now.  There is rather a funny fellow who I knock about with when he wants some milk he asks for Dooley I suppose Gladys will know what he means and when he wants eggs he says durs hoofs.  There seems to be two words in French which the natives make very good use of.  One is compre and the other is no compre.  When they don’t wish to understand they say no compre altho I am rather inclined to think at times they are pulling out legs.  I am pretty well supplied with tobacco altho my cig supply is done out at present.  If you send any cigs now & then send Gold Flake.  With regard to grub we get plenty of it.  If you are really hungry of course one of Mar’s cakes occasionally would soon find a home.  Some of the fellows here get parcels and give you some so one likes to return the complement occasionally altho I can get along alright without and do not want you to start sending a lot of parcels.  I have a few francs by me but you can’t buy side issues in these villages.  We are in a farm house here and the cocks and hens are making their morning carol.  The Jocks have to be rather careful with their baw bees.  One sent a rather amusing letter home the other day.  He started something like this – Dear Mother I am sending you  five francs but not this week.  I heard about the Zeps paying Angleterre a visit.  I haven’t seen any round here.  I think it would be too healthy for them.  I wouldn’t mind the express occasionally.  We have been getting the D. Mail a day old up to now but rather question it when we make our next move.  There was rather a good article in it yday about machine guns which I think deserves attention.

Well I think this is all this time.  Hoping you are all well.  I will now go and waken the cook from his greasy bed and afterwards have a cup of coffee from the farmer.

Bye Bye


I got a letter from Will the other day.


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