F Hammond letter 25 Jun 15

Green envelope FPO 28 27 Ju 15 to E. Hammond 9 Countess St Stockport

62210 RE

HQ 28th Bde

9th Sig Co

25 6 15

Still as fat as ever


Dear Ma & Pa

Received Pa’s letter OK the other day.  We are still in the same place we were last time I wrote but expect to be moving by the time you get this.  The weather has been glorious until today when we had a thunder storm.  There is very little news to tell as we have not been anywhere since last I wrote.  You can see we are pretty well in the country here as I have not seen a shop of any kind since we have been here.  I could do with a little tobacco as I have now run out and don’t seem to get any chance to buy any.  I see Lloyd George is fairly waking the old country up.  I see the Russians seem to have been forced to do a rather long retreat.  It is quite useless to expect anything else while the Germans have a preponderance of equipment.  There is plenty of heavy fighting this side and I think we shall gradually wear them down.  The French seem to be making headway.  If you send a parcel you might put a tin of Keating’s Powder in as it is very necessary in these parts.  I have not tried any French dishes such as frogs but they keep one awake with their croaking at night.  The brook here is literally packed with them.  Glad to hear you are all well.  Sorry to hear Gladys has got her usual complaint.  I suppose they would think Pa was my brother now he has such a fine row of teeth.  Do they still take him for a detective or Kitchener?  What has become of Geo?  Never hear from him.  Remember me to all enquiring friends.  Will drop you a line if anything interesting occurs.




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