G G Hammond letter Jun 15

P/e G.G. Hammond

2/7 Bat Mc/r Regt.

D Compy 15 Platoon




Dear Father & Mother,

I am sorry I was not able to write early last week but as I told you on my PC from Tunbridge Hilda and all the Southport people came over to see us last Thursday and did not go back until Friday so I have not had much time for writing.

On Wednesday Captain Nasmith asked me if I would take a strip, I was not over keen but eventually I offered to take it on.  I waited until Friday when the appointments were up on orders but strange to say my name did not appear on the list.  I was a bit surprised but not sorry, during the day I was looking out for the Captain to ask him about the commission when he saw me and called me to him.  He said “I have not put your name on the list for stripes as I am going to try to get your commission through.”  I thought he had forgot all about it.  I have not seen the adjutant yet & things will have to look up as I am down to go to the Dardanelles with the next draft & may possibly be home on leave next week if things are not moving with the commission

There is not much doing on here at present, we were out until 1-30 am on Friday on a night scheme and were fairly tired out, we have been having a fortnight special training.  Did you see that Granger had been killed.  The 7th have caught it pretty heavily.  They say down here that there are only 80 men left but nothing is official.

I had a very good week last week, it was quite a pleasure to see some friends.  Willis wrote me a PC but I have not answered it until today.  I do hope my application comes off.  I suppose you have seen Arthur by now he is over to order his uniform.  How is Ma keeping?  Did you go for your Whitsuntide walk I forgot to ask you before.  There are woods full of bluebells down here & ferns in great quantities.  Could Ma send one on of her own made soda cakes.  It would be very acceptable down here also any other luxuries she may think of.  Have you heard anything about Dick Lister being killed I heard a rumour down here.

It has been frightfully hot down here.  It has just been raining for the first time for about a month.  It gets very warm climbing the hills with full pack on.  If I come on leave I shall bring my kit bag as I have any amount of stuff which I must leave behind.  Have you heard from Bugsy again lately.  I am going to write to him today.  I am sorry Gladys had not won the Tennis Championship, is she on the League team.  I think she ought to stand a fair chance.  I don’t know how I shall go on when this war is over I seem  to have forgotten nearly all my business but I suppose I shall pick it up again quick enough.  Have you seen Donohues lately.  I have not written to them since I came down here.  I think I will write again today.

Write soon as there is nothing much doing down here and it is very interesting to hear from you.  I am going to see Captain Nasmith today to see if there is anything doing, if I am coming on leave I will **** as we don’t get any notice I hope its off with the draft as I an almost sure I could get a commission, still it does not matter very much.  Don’t forget the cake &c

Love George


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