Letter to Will from F Hammond 7 Jun 15

62210 RE

9th Scottish Div

Sig Co

28th Inf Bde

7th June 1915

Dear Will

Just a line to let you know I am still kicking about.  Sorry I did not get a chance to see you before I landed in Flanders.  We are all in the pink here altho I had the misfortune to fall off a geegee the other day and knocked my arm a bit however it is nearly OK now.  We are billeted in a farm attached to a chateau.  There are some very old fashioned places in this part.  The beer here is very weak in fact it takes no notice of you however


We had a move yday and find that there is more go in it.  There are some Indian troops in this part so we have commenced eating curry which makes you think you have swallowed the cruet in fact it makes you swear in Indostani.  We are not allowed to say anything about military matters as it rather spoils one of giving many interesting incidents.  I had a bath in a small tub the other day which was rather amusing.  I got your cigarettes OK, in fact they have all vanished by now.  We get some given us every week but we have some many opportunities to smoke that they don’t last long & the ones you buy here are nothing like English.  Our Brigade have been in the trenches altho I have not had the chance yet.  They say they are simply great.  Parts being laid out with flower beds they have different names such as Kew Gardens . Harley Street Ldn. Bridge, the last name is a real bridge in the trenches.  The entrance is named Shaftesbury Avenue owing to the rows of trees.  In fact it is like being in Ldn without the busses & busers.  You are quite safe in the trenches as long as you keep your napper down but pop it up even only for a second and they’ve got you.

I had a letter from Geo about a week ago.  I was rather surprised about A Boon.  I hope Geo manages something.

Had a postcard from Gladys.  I hear Mar & Gladys have been to Blackpool.  I think Mar should get about a bit now she has the chance.

Well I don’t think I have anything else to say.  Will drop you a line again soon.  Am always glad to get a letter or post card.  We have a mail here once a day.

So Bye Bye old sport for the present.  Remember me to the Bhoys





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