F Hammond letter 4 Nov 15


Dear M & Pa

Just a line to let you know I am OK.  I am still in the same place and are likely to remain here until 1916.  However some of us are getting leave so expect to be home between now and Xmas probably before.  There is very little to say as we are just keeping the line.  The weather has been very wet and the life of the tommies in the trenches is not at all rosy however they keep up their spirits OK.  I have had a pair of gloves leather with fur lining so shall not want mittens also had a cap comforter.  If I want anything I will write for it or get it when I have tested some of Mar’s onions & walnuts.  Hope all are well at home had a letter from many people lately including Geo, Willie & a parcel from Gladys Grimshaw with her life in London at the time of the Big air raid.  Yes I was sat round the cook house when up jumped Jim Hopkinson.  He is at Reninghelst and I said I would see him again but since then we have been kept up here permanently from where we are we can see the remains of the tower of Ypres cathedral.

Area of text crossed through.  You might let the lads know I am expecting to come home any day.  I will drop you a line immediately I get leave.  I think this is all this time we never know what day it is but I think it must be about a fortnight ago since I wrote however Cheer ho.  I don’t suppose there will be much doing now until the spring so shall not be able to give you any exciting news.  However one never knows out here.  I believe the King was very near us the other day.  I did not see him however.  Well Bye Bye for present.  I have written this in a hurry.  Love to all Fred.


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