F Hammond letter 12 Nov 15



Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to let you know I am OK.  I received Par’s letter and enclosure containing handkerchiefs and the present sent by Mr. Taylor it is very kind of him and I will drop him a line at first opportunity.  There is very little to say we are still in the same place and likely to remain here during the winter.  It is very quiet round here nothing only a cottage here and there which we patronise by partaking coffee & biscuits.  The weather is very wild at present but we manage to keep fairly dry.  The Section have started leave so its only a matter of a short time before I get mine.  Sorry to hear Turk has not been so well lately but hope he is OK by now.  I had a letter from Gladys while she was at Mae hope she had a good time and that she will pass her exam this time.  I haven’t seen Jim Hopkinson since but their HQ is about 6 miles from here.  I have had letters from several people lately so probably that would account for me not writing for so long however if I don’t write when there’s nothing to relate I will drop you a pc often.  Pa might remember me to Harry Bennett.  Glad to hear he volunteered anyway.  There’s a tale you might tell him of a man being in hospital and didn’t want to leave it.  The Dr. came round and asked him how he was going on.  Oh he replied my eyesight is still very bad Dr. what said the Doctor Do you mean to say my treatment isn’t doing you any good?  Alright my boy up you go.  You will make a good man for a listening post which is a very delicate job I can tell you.

Well bye bye for present


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