F Hammond letter 28 Nov 15


28 Nov 15

Dear Mar & Pa

Here we are again back in the old spot.  I caught the train from Victoria alright had to stay for a day in a rest camp at Boulogne but managed to have a look round.  It is a very nice place many hospitals are there.  I eventually landed to the end of the train journey and had a good stiff walk of 8 miles landing in camp just in time for breakfast.  It appears that I had a day too little and that I should have had a postcard telling me to stay another day anyway its all the same now but a bit hard luck.  I am OK except for a bit of cold which I caught in Blighty but I shall soon get hardened again.  It has been freezing this last day or so and the ground is a bit firmer.  The flash lamp is a huge success.  If you send me anything out send me a refill also I forgot my shaving brush & soap.  You might drop those in.  How’s my dawg going on I would soon have trained him and made him a good house dog so that you would soon have heard when I land at night next time.  I suppose Gladys is looking forward to her Xmas holidays.  Sorry couldn’t eat any more onions or walnuts as I would liked to have made a bigger impression on them.  I have enclosed the form and hope you get it in time.  Let me know when you get it.




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