F Hammond letter 20 Sept 15

62210 RE

HQ 28 I B

9th Sco Div

Just before Loos About 20 Septr 1915


Dear Mar & Pa

I received your cigs & letter OK about a week ago.  We were on the move when I got your parcel but we are now settled down to the trenches again but a little further South this time.  The country is more hilly round here and I may say things are more lively.  I am on night duty spending my time in the cellar of a shop which Geo was formerly acquainted with.  The people have flown leaving all sorts of concoctions behind.  No doubt Geo would know what is in them but I think many bottles have been mixed by amateurs or by amateur comedians.  The weather has been very wet since we came up here but fortunately is has been better today.  We had a Allegmane aeroplane over today.  It was quite exciting to see him hovering over our heads with the anti aerocraft guns potting away at him.  Anyway they made him retired altho they didn’t hit him tho I must say he was a very plucky man.  I received the Roll of Honour Book Par sent.  I was quite surprised to see so many names I knew.  I suppose that would be Jim Hopkinson in the 13th Sig Co of course.  My real address is 62210 RE 4 Sec 9th Sig Co but the quickest way for a letter is how I had addressed it on opposite page.  I have dropped lucky for a bed this time in a little room over un estaminet otherwise a beer house.  I have only to come down stairs & there you are of course it’s only my kid mentioning beer houses.  We are only allowed to be served between the hours of 11am to 1 pm & 6 pm to 8 PM so you see there is not much chance of the lads running wild in fact I have never seen a soldier drunk over here.  The landlord reckons he is selling English Beer.  He has a Bass advert on the wall but I am more inclined to think it is brewed nearer La Basse than Burton.  If you wish to try one it costs you 4d so you can imagine why Tommy is very sober out here.

I do not know what sort of a person the Frenchman is in Paris or the South of France but I may tell you they are all on the make haste where Tommy is.  Fortunately there is a Coffee Stall just across the road here and you can get things very reasonable.  Only wish there were more places of sort.  You can get 2 slices of bread & butter for a penny whereas if you go across to any estaminet it’s 2d for 1 slice.  I hope you will excuse me giving you the idea of the French but that is the general idea Tommy has of them.  Some of them are pretty decent but they are few and far between.  Well I hope Mar’s cold is OK by now & that business is pretty good with Par.  Suppose Gladys is back again now.  Have you found my dog yet?  We are expecting things to be exciting before long.  So bye bye for present  Fred




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