F Hammond letter 24 Sept 15

Day before Loos in biro

24th 9 15

62210 RE

Dear Mar & Pa

Was very pleased to receive letter from you also the good news regarding Geo.  Where is he now etc.  Can you give me his address altho at present time I shall not be able to write regularly.  Sorry to hear death of our ole friend Mr. Bottomley.  Hope Elsie H is getting alright again.  What about the Head Prefect I suppose you are quite a busy person now a-days Gladys.  You seem to have been enjoying yourselves OK.  Have you dropped your hair again now.  We are very busy and are likely to be until Xmas.  We are going in dugouts again today and are expecting having an exciting time.  I cannot say more at the present.

I see the new taxes are going to make people much more economical.  Look after old Turk.  Sorry we have given him such a name but hope Turkey will be ours soon.  Our lads are in fine trim.  Suppose Will will be very busy now.  Remember me to all enquiring friends


La Burg


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