F Hammond letter 16 Sept

62210 RE

9 Sigs Etc.

16 9 15

It may be a pc for a few weeks


Dear Mar & Pa Etc

I received your letters yesterday and the parcel today.  I must congratulate Geo on his rise to the higher ranks.  I suppose I ought to say Sir to him now eh!  The parcel was very useful fortunately however I am OK now, but it will come in again for the future.  We are still in the same spot from where I wrote you last time so there is really nothing fresh to report.  I am at the Brigade HQ.  I saw an article in the Dly Mail last week giving an idea of life at Bde HQ which was very true.

I had a walk up the trenches today we are usually a couple of miles from the firing line altho we occasionally get shell fire which leaves its mark.  The houses and villages about here are all smashed more or less.  The place where we are however has not been touched.  There was a huge fire burning last night which light up the sky.  It just looked like Belle Vue.  There is rather an amusing incident told viz: Some of the trenches are so near that the Jocks (a bomber) spoke to Fritz as they call him.  One of the forementioned shouts Fritz Fritz who answers yes.  How many are there of you?  Eight cried Fritz.  Well share this between you and over went a bomb.  Sorry to hear London has been catching it so lately but never mind I think the next time we try to smash thro will shift them.  Neuve Chappelle will be nothing to it.  Well changing the subject don’t worry we are alright.  Glad to hear Turk turned up.  Hope Geo has luck.  He would soon pick up some hints over here.  Well remember me to everyone.  We are not allowed to write much at present.  More anon  Fred.


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