George Ryan’s letter home dated 12 Nov 1915

George Ryan’s letter home dated 12 Nov 1915

On headed notepaper with regimental crest 9th Middlesex Regt.
12 Nov 1915

Dear Ma,

Received your letter addressed to Dinapore safely. Glad to hear you got the silk alright. I hope you didn’t have to pay anything on it did you? & I hope dad won’t have to pay anything on the cigars. One of our chaps sent a box home & his father had to pay more than they cost for duty.

Please don’t think I’ve gone “dit’lo” or daft as you say at home, but we are going to Dinapore. At least, so we are given to understand at present. Of course it may be altered again. At first we were going next week, but the latest is that we go on the 9th of next month. The signalling section were to have gone last week. They got packed up & were all ready to go, but they are still here. I expect they will wait & go with us now. You can answer this to Dinapore but don’t be surprised if I tell you next week to write here again. But I think we are going this time though.

The parcel of tobacco & sweets hasn’t arrived this week, I hope I shall get them next. I was disappointed I didn’t get them this week.

Hope you are all well,
Love to all from
Yr loving son

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