Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 12 Nov 1916.

Dick-Cunyngham letter to wife dated 12 Nov 1916.

Letter written on Government embossed notepaper.

My own darling one,

I’m just off to write to catch mail as I know I shan’t have time tonight. Isn’t it splendid getting back to a ‘Jock’ Divn & in H.G’s Army. I expect I shall find some old friends there.

My nose is perfectly all right, after a drive in an open car last evening – it was fairly cold motoring up.

They are all very kind & sorry I am going. I hate parting with old friends but am lucky in getting such a good Div.

All my love darling & god bless & keep you well

Ever your devoted Hubby

With envelope addressed to Mrs J. Dick Cunyngham, 28 Coleherne Court, South Kensington. London S.W. Endorsed On Active Service. Signed Dick Cunyngham. Passed by Censor No 21 cachet. Postmarked FIELD POST OFFICE unreadable dated 12 NV 16

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