53 Infantry Brigade Order to 7th Queen’s R 19 October 1917

53 Infantry Brigade Order to 7th Queen’s R 19 October 1917

SECRET. 53rd Inf. Bde . No. C. 767

O.C. 7th Queens R.
Reference Camouflage Attack described in para: 6 of 53rd Inf. Bde. Order No. 106.
You will divide the front on which the attack is to take place into 3 sectors.
For each sector 2 guides should be provided.
The 6 guides thus provided, together with an Officer who is thoroughly acquainted with the front line, will meet Major COLES, Corps Cyclists in charge of the attack, at 5.30 p.m. on “Y” day, near the tramway on the ST. JULIEN – POELCAPPELLE Road about U.30.d.5.8.
This Officer will take with him a sketch showing the disposition of the troops holding that portion of the line affected by the Camouflage attack.
He will be responsible for having the camouflage parties guided to the points selected by Major COLES.
Please acknowledge.
John D. Crosthwaite,
Brigade Major 53rd Infantry Brigade.
19th Oct. 17.

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