53 Infantry Brigade Order 105 19 October 1917 B.M.

53 Infantry Brigade Order 105 19 October 1917

SECRET. Copy No.:- 2.
19th October, 1917.
53rd Inf. Bde. Order No. 105.
1. 7th Queens will come under the orders of G.O.C. 53rd Inf. Bde. from noon 20th instant.

2. The Divisional front is being extended on night 19/20th as far N. as V.14.c.15.15.
3. 7th Queens will take over from 7th Bedford R. on the right, and 6th Northants on the left, with 2 Coys, each, with H.Q. at BULOW FARM.

4. Coys. for right subsector should move up by HURST PARK – NEW HOUSES track, and for Left subsector by GOURNIER FARM – PHEASANT FARM track.

Coys will move by platoons at 200 yards distances. Leading platoons should leave HURST PARK about 3.45 p.m.

5. Os. C. 7th Bedford R. and 6th Northants. R. will arrange for guides on the scale of 1 per platoon and 1 per Coy. H.Q. to meet incoming troops at U.30.d.5.8. and PHEASANT FARM at 5 p.m.

6. All other details of relief to be arranged direct between C.Os. concerned.

7. Completion of relief will be reported to Brigade H.Q. by code word RATIONS.

John D. Crosthwaite
Brigade Major, 53rd Inf. Bde.
Issued at: – 4 pm
Copies to:-
Copy No:-
1. G.O.G. 15. 79th Fd. Coy R.E.
2. B.M. 16. 151st Coy. A.S.C.
3. S.C. 17. 54th Inf. Bde.
4. S.O. 18. 55th Inf. Bde.
5. Supply O. 19. Right Bde. 34th Div.
6. T.O. 20. Left Bde. 9th Div.
7. Norf. R. 21. 18th Div “G”.
8. Suff. R. 22. 18th Div “Q”.
9. Essex R. 23. A.P.M. 18th Div.
10. R. Berks. R. 24. War Diary.
11. 53rd M.G.C. 25. War Diary.
12. 53rd T.M.B. 26. File.
13. 7th Queens R. 27. 7th Bedford R.
14. 56th Fd. Amb. 28. 6th Northants. R.

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