SECRET. Sa/51 5 August 1917

Stamp H.Q. 23rd ARMY BRIGADE R.F.A.


O.C. Battery

(1) Ref 4th D.A. B/451/46 para 6, suspected HQ at I.32.b.15.60. will be bombarded tonight.

(2) D/23 will fire 50 rounds B.C.B.R. at 10. p.m.
and 50 rounds B.C.B.R. at 1.15 a.m.

(3) C/23 Battery will fire a burst of 36 rounds at 10 p.m. & 1.15 a.m. – Shrapnel –
On area (I.32.b.0.5. – I.32.b.1.7.
(I.32.b.2.5. – I.32.b.2.7.

(4) In addition to the above, at 10.50 p.m. & 2.10 a.m. there will be bursts of fire as follows.
107 Battery I.32.d.4.7. – I.32.b.25.15.)
108 Battery I.32.b.25.15. – I.32.b.2.5.) Searching 300x EAST.
C/23 Battery I.32.b.2.5. – I.32.b.2.8.)
D/23 Battery I.32.b.20.35. – I.32.b.60.25. SKYE TRENCH.

(5) 18 prs 3 rounds per gun on each occasion (A & AX)
4.5 Hows 2 rounds per How BX on each occasion.


V.C. Ritchie, Lt. R.F.A.
ADJUTANT 23rd A. Bde. R.F.A.


Copies to all Batteries

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