APPENDIX A. (PHASE III). 5 August 1917



Hour Gun 251st Brigade 62nd Brigade 63rd Brigade. 48th Brigade Rates of fire Trench Mortars.
7.45 to 9 pm.
18 pr.
As per barrage map attached. 18 prs.
7.45 to 7.50 pm.
4 R.P.G.P.M.
7.50 to 7.55. pm.
3 R.P.G.P.M.
7.55 to 8 pm.
2 R.P.G.P.M.
8 to 9 p.m.
1 R.P.G.P.M.
7.45 to 7.55 pm
2 R.P.G.P.M.
7.55. to 8 pm.
1 R.P.G.P.M.
8 to 9 pm.
½ R.P.G.P.M. 2” T.M. 2 Mortars THE MOUND cease fire at 7.47.
7.45 to 9 p.m. 2 Mortars BOLT Tr. O.14.b.30.95. – 55.75.
7.45 to 9 p.m. 9.45” T.M. shell holes at O.14.b.9.9. 18 15 rounds – total.

7.45 to 7.47 pm

7.47 to 9 pm. 4.5 How Shell holes from O.8.d.70.50. O.9.c.00.80.

STIRRUP Tr. from O.9.c.65.30 to STIRRUP LANE. BUCKLE Tr. O.8.b.85.00. to O.9.a.10.30.

Line O.9.c.90.90. to O.9.a.75.35. Shell holes O.9.a.25.50. to O.3.c.30.10.

BOIS du VERT line O.9.a.75.35. to O.3.c.75.00.
DOG Trench O.3.c.30.50. to O.3.a.25.00.

W. edge BOIS du SART O.3.b.05.30 to O.3.a.55.70.

Each Brigade will form its 18 pr. creeping barrage by 2 batteries, the third battery (detailed to answer ‘GF’ and ‘LL’ calls) interposed on whole Brigade zone, and ready to be taken off the barrage to deal with counter-attacks or fleeting opportunities. This Battery will search for 500 yards East of the protective barrage line from 7.50 pm onwards.

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